Common Sense on Tire Maintenance


Routine maintenance of tires

It's very important for extending tire's service life to discover and deal with problems timely. Routine maintenance need to be done as the following " five often":

First, Check air pressure often. To prevent tire damage caused by abnormal pressure, car driver need to check air pressure often.

Second, Check tire temperature often. To maintain normal fetal temperature, especially in summer.

Third, Dug stones often. Vehicle to frequently check and remove attached to the tire tread between the pebbles and debris.

Fourth, Check wear often. Ensure that the tire tread depth remaining depth of the proposed.

Fifth, Plug hole often.


A few issues need attention on road

Good driving habits help to extend tire life. Here are some tips need to pay attention while driving:

First, No speeding. Speed too high will increase tire flex, resulting in excessive heat and accelerate tire wear and shorten life.

Second, Avoid hard acceleration,emergency braking and sharp turn, or will influence not only the mechanical properties but also tire life.

Third, No overload.Tire life depends largely on the size of load, frequent over loading will reduce tire life from 20% to 50%.

Fourth, Avoid potholes or obstructions on the road.

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